Songs of Yellowstone & the Tetons

A unique compilation disc from our friends at the Western Folklife Center. Features songs from The Growling Old Men, Lyle Lovett, Jerry Douglas, Tim Oâ??Brien, Beth McIntosh and many more.

â??There are old musical traditions at Yellowstone. From millennia of Native voices giving thanks for the hunt, to generations of Park employees, composers, entertainers in the lodges, cowboys and packers around campfires, these voices still echo in this collection of songs that are all about inspiration, the way a place works on artists. We hope these songs will become your soundtrack to Yellowstone and the Tetons and will inspire you as you drive or hike in and around the Parks. Besides the natural silence here, the music doesn't get any better.â??
- Hal Cannon, producer

The Road that Leads to Yellowstone
The Night Herding Song Montage
Girls of the Golden
My Old Waddie
I am Going to the West
Out Yonder
Teton Waltz
Madison Brown
I've Endured
Red, White & Yellowstone
Wilderness Ranger
Blue Heron
Yellowstone Dawn
Trouble on Alum
The Jewel
The Yellowstone Song

Songs of Yellowstone & the Tetons
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